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Loud Wife

BOI Group / 2015

Let’s get this party started

As a party promoter, BOI Group needed a unique graphic element that would make them recognizable across all their events. With that in mind, we turned the O in the parties’ names into a symbol shared by all of them. We also customized each event's typography, which allowed us to set a unique personality for each one.

Project developed as part of Artiq’s team.

Pop Party

It was clear — for this one we had to make it pop. We did that by using a vibrant gradient and a combination of blending effects, which allowed us to create very dynamic compositions that reflect the essence of this party.

Escándalo Berlín

The hottest people in town gathered on the same dancefloor? ¡Qué escándalo! Inspired by the irreverent burlesque nights, we created an identity that would evoke the signs at those clubs’ doors, which perfectly portray the sexy spirit of this event.

Secreto Santo

Something is cooking at the legendary “El Molino”, a century-old club in Barcelona known for its revolutionary attitude. For this event, we used dark colours and a golden gradient to convey a mysterious and exclusive feel, strenghtened with a typography whose characters resemble symbols from an ancient secret code.